May 2021

A good year to live in and a good year to die in

A year of infamy and shame

The Politicians riding high

Playing merchants of death

Telling you “Don’t ask what your country can do for you?”

We’ll mock you and shock you and we’ll put it in your face

We’ve already got someone here to take your place

They killed you once and they will kill you again

Will lead you to slaughter like a sacrificial lamb

Ugliest thing that you have ever seen

Money to burn ?

No hospital

No bed

No oxygen

No cure

No tears

Matter of days and you knew your days were numbered

You knew you were never gonna make it

Suffocated to death

Right there in front of everyone’s eyes

Greatest magic trick ever under the sun

Cruel and deceitful

Perfectly executed, skilfully done

A hard act to follow, second to none

Led into a trap

Happened so quickly took you by surprise

Gone just like that

Killed without respect without remorse like a dog in broad daylight

A matter of timing and the timing was right

Hush the undertaker has come to collect your unpaid debts

A lonely funeral

No one to see you off

No time to grieve

No time to pick up the pieces

Lost to Covid

The Sun goes down

I don’t give a damn

The dead man is free

Now another number another statistic

Counting numbers day after day makes me dizzy

It is a genocide no less

Tell me no lies

It is what it is a murder most foul

Thousands watched and nobody said a thing

The day when faith, hope, and humanity died

Soul of a nation torn and decaying

I’d rather go blind

What more could they do ?

A murder most foul

They piled on the pain

I am a blogger and writer from New Delhi, India. I am interested in the quirkiness of human behaviour . “You have to understand first and win later!“