A continuous battle

I decide to start a new struggle

A new battle

With myself

I ask people around me to join me

I gather ammunition to fight

I dig trenches to hide

I build dykes to escape from a sniper’s shot

I form alliances with friends

And enter into treaties with the powerful

I summon all my strength

And recount the heroic tales of my ancestors

I rehearse every move

And plan every contingency

Finally when I hear the battle cry

I am tired and weary

Friend and foes have changed

The battleground is different

And I am no longer willing

For the struggle is with myself

Within and without

I am the friend and the foe

The victor and the vanquished

A new struggles begins…..

Sumeet Singhal




Sumeet Suman Singhal

Sumeet Suman Singhal

I am a blogger and writer from New Delhi, India. I am interested in the quirkiness of human behaviour . “You have to understand first and win later!“